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It's pretty fair to say that the best part about enjoying a bowl of cereal is when you get to the very bottom of it and have to pick it up to slurp all of that sweet, flavorful, creamy milk that's left behind. This juice is going to capture all of that fragrant, sweet deliciousness that you've been day dreaming about in a way that you will be able to bring along with you wherever the temptation starts to make your mouth water. We can all think back to our youths and remember bugging our parents at the grocery store to pick up those sugary cereals that we would see commercials about. Whenever they would actually give in and get it for us it would be like a huge celebration and you couldn't wait to leap out of bed in the morning and crunch and much your way through it. We're all so busy now as adults and honestly, it's tough to get up any earlier than we absolutely have to so having the option to take your breakfast on the go is going to be near life-changing. BRKFST E Liquid is a line that concentrates its efforts on making breakfast inspired blends that are going to fill up that spot in your collection that needs a little bit of fun, nostalgic flair that will be able to find its way into your everyday vaping routine. Crunch takes that vibrant, playful cereal that's topped off with some ripe, luscious mixed berries and then covered with a creamy, sweet, cool milk that ties everything together in such a wholesome, all-encompassing kind of way that will give you everything you've been looking for.

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